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Fedora USB Complete Collection-64 bit

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Catalog#: 51011
Platform: x86-64
Price: US $29.95

The Fedora distribution got its start from the commercial Red Hat distribution, and has grown into a global community based on the "Four Foundations": Freedom, Friends, Features, and First. Their mission: "Fedora creates an innovative platform for hardware, clouds, and containers that enables software developers and community members to build tailored solutions for their users."

As of Fedora 31, they only provide a 64-bit version (for AMD and Intel processors (iCore, etc.)).

Contains latest Fedora release - currently 40

The USB Complete Collection is something we've been waiting on for many years. Now that the cost of USB media is cost competitive with optical media, we have jumped in feet first to create the ultimate USB collection for Fedora and the x86_64 64-bit release of Fedora. This is more than just ISO files on media, as we spent time creating the menu structure, configuring scripts, and optimizing the whole experience - this is the kind of USB you asked for, and we wanted it to meet our high standards.

Fedora USB Complete Collection-64 bit
The Fedora USB collection provides all of the Fedora releases, including Live Spins (with different Desktop environments like Cinnamon, KDE, etc.), and Fedora Labs releases, all on a bootable USB! This boots to a menu where you can easily select each release, and decide what best meets your wants and needs. Selected options can be installed onto a hard drive from within the running selected environment. Lab releases includes Games, Scientific, Design, Security, etc. This is a 64GB USB Drive with a boot partition, grub/iso partition, and a 2 GB user data partition.
Description:Fedora 40 Workstation DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live SoaS DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live LXDE DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live LXQt DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live Cinnamon DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live KDE DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live MATE DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live Budgie DVD (x86-64), Fedora 40 Live XFCE DVD (x86-64), Fedora Labs Astronomy DVD (x86_64), Fedora Labs Games DVD (x86_64), Fedora Labs Python Classroom DVD (x86_64), Fedora Labs Security Lab DVD (x86_64), Fedora Labs Scientific Suite DVD (x86_64), Fedora Labs Comp Neuro DVD (x86_64) and Fedora Labs JAM (Music) DVD (x86_64) and Fedora i3 Live DVD (x86_64), all included on a bootable name-brand USB (Note: DVD ISO images on USB media, NOT actual physical DVD optical media!)
Collection Items:55800 55802 55803 55804 55805 55806 55807 55808 55809 [Fedora Labs Astronomy DVD (x86_64)] [Fedora Labs Games DVD (x86_64)] [Fedora Labs Python Classroom DVD (x86_64)] [Fedora Labs Security Lab DVD (x86_64)] [Fedora Labs Scientific Suite DVD (x86_64)] [Fedora Labs Comp Neuro DVD (x86_64) and Fedora Labs JAM (Music) DVD (x86_64) and Fedora i3 Live DVD (x86_64)]

This USB Collection includes Fedora Live Workstation, Server, and the different desktop environment Live Spins. There are also Labs Spins, which all boot as live environments. You can quickly run all Live desktops to figure out which Desktop Environment is right for you, or run the custom Labs builds that give you applications and utilities focused on their specialty.

This is a 64GB USB Drive with a boot partition, grub/iso partition, and a 2 GB user data partition.

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around what this is, in simple terms it is a USB that replaces all these DVDs! As long as your system can boot from USB, this is a better, faster, cheaper, and more powerful way to experience Fedora!!

Here is a LinuxCollections.com Video that show off this USB Collection:
Fedora 31 Live Desktops (13 different ones) that covers a quick look at Workstation, the live Desktop environments, plus the Labs spins to show you what this USB Collection looks like!

USB Boot Menu

Fedora Startup Screenshot

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