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Yellow Dog 4.1 (ppc)

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Catalog#: 52190
Platform: ppc
CD's: 4
Price: US $14.09
You can find this distribution in the following Collections:
PowerPC Collection

Faster, more stable, and far more efficient as a desktop OS, Yellow Dog Linux is a solid replacement (not just an alternative) to OSX. Breath new life into your PowerPC G3 and G4, giving it a second wind as a personal workstation, or a new function as a web, email, or data server. Want to see how your G5 runs Linux? You may dual-boot both OSX and Yellow Dog Linux or take the leap and run Yellow Dog Linux alone, taking advantage of the multitude of included, freely available, and commercial applications.

New or Improved Device Support
  • Backlit keys.
  • PCMCIA cell phone and modem support.
  • Support for Atheros wi-fi cards.
  • Dual head config via the GUI.
  • Install direct to and boot from FireWire drives.
  • USB device auto-mount under both KDE & GNOME.
  • Greatly improved sound support.
  • Graphical Up2Date package install and update tool.
  • Support for the latest Apple Power Books.
  • Beta support for Apple G5 PowerMacs with dual core CPUs.
  • Beta Extreme driver will be available shortly after release, via YDL.net Enhanced accounts.

Updated Components
  • Linux kernel version 2.6.15-rc5.
  • Basic 64-bit development and runtime support.
  • X.org 6.8.2, featuring improved Radeon dual-head support.
  • KDE 3.4.2 and GNOME 2.10.
  • Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5.
  • A completely rebuilt KDE and Gnome "start" menu for vastly improved navigation of the graphical user interface.

Resize partition tool!
Updated partitioning tool enables you to resize existing partitions (ie: OSX), elliminating in most instances the need to reformat, repartition, and reinstall OSX.

Note: Yellow Dog is very old, and distribution website no longer available. For other PowerPC options, here is a link from PC & Network Downloads (PCWDLD.com) - https://www.pcwdld.com/best-powerpc-linux-distros

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