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Ubuntu 8.10 Server (i386)

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Catalog#: 53076
Platform: i386
CD's: 1
Price: US $3.79
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  • The Ubuntu Server Edition - built on the solid foundation of Debian which is known for its robust server installations has a strong heritage for reliable performance and predictable evolution.
  • Mail Server - Postfix and Dovecot
  • File and Print Server - Samba 3, CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
  • Web Application Server - Supports PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby or Python, together with Apache and MySQL, Postgresql, DB2 or Oracle.
  • Security - based on Debian distribution, no open ports, No X server, hardening, etc.
  • Authentication integration, Automated Deployment, Ubuntu Server JeOS (virtual Appliances), Network Infrastructure, optimised for virtualization, etc.
  • Here is a list of the server-specific kernel optimisations that we include:
    • The Server Edition uses the Deadline I/O scheduler instead of the CFQ scheduler used by the Desktop Edition.
    • Pre-emption is turned off in the Server Edition.
    • The timer interrupt is 100 Hz in the Server Edition and 250 Hz in the Desktop Edition.
    • The Server Edition is optimised for i686 processors while the Desktop Edition is optimised for both the i586 and i686.
    • Virtualization is better supported in the Server Edition through the enabling of IPC namespaces.
    • Multiple routing tables for the IPv6 protocol are also supported in the Server Edition.
    • For 32-bit systems the Server Edition is configured to use PAE which allows addressing up to 64GB of memory while the Desktop Edition is configured for 4GB.
    • When running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu on 64-bit processors you are not limited by memory addressing space.

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