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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (AMD64)

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Catalog#: 52041
Platform: AMD64
CD's: 1
Price: US $2.99

The Ubuntu distribution is a great choice for desktops and servers. There have been a lot of improvements in this edition, such as:

  • A new, very fast, installer based on the Live CD

  • Faster system startup and login

  • Simplified menu organization

  • Graphical shutdown process

  • Improved support for video playback

  • Optional NetworkManager for convenient roaming between different wireless and wired networks.

  • System Requirements:
    32MB of memory and 110MB of hard disk space is required.
    For a minimal console-based system (all standard packages), 250MB is required.
    If you want to install a reasonable amount of software, including the X Window System, and some development programs and libraries, you'll need at least 400MB. For a more complete desktop system, you'll need a few gigabytes.

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