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Trixbox 1.2.2 (i386)

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Catalog#: 52420
Platform: i386
CD's: 1
Price: US $3.49

Trixbox is a turn-key, bootable .iso CD image that can turn a PC with no OS into an Asterisk server with a variety of open source tools in just a few minutes. The trixbox application lets someone download a bootable .iso image that then automatically installs Linux, Asterisk, SugarCRM, MySQL, FreePBX, and a whole variety of other applications. Trixbox fully supports the Linux yum command and RPM ecosystem for performing updates and bug fixes.

Essentially, trixbox uses the latest and greatest version of Asterisk. Within 48 hours of a new Asterisk version, engineers being work on the next release of trixbox and they add their own host of patches they they put on top of that.
Trixbox 2.0 comes with a new point-and-click package manager which lets installers, via simple clicks of their mouse, decide which applications they want to install with trixbox. The advantage to the package manager is two-fold: first, it letís you choose how lean or rich of a deployment you need. Secondly, it informs the installer, over time, of any new updates to any packages within their trixbox installation as vendors release them.

Trixbox 2.0 includes a host of packages, or applications, including Apache, an enhanced version of Asterisk, FreePBX, Flash Operator Panel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and SugarCRM. In addition, the new release provides call detail reports, an endpoint manager, VoIP service provider wizards, deeper application integration with SugarCRM, drivers for Sangoma and Rhino voice cards and support for multiple languages including English, German, Portuguese and Spanish with more to come.

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