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SUSE Linux 10.1 DVD (x86)

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Catalog#: 52003
Platform: x86
DVD's: 1
Price: US $5.09

SUSE Linux 10.1 is an openSUSE project sponsored by Novell. SUSE Linux 10.1 is pretty easy to install and configure, and as well as being reliable and secure, SUSE Linux 10.1 has an easy to use windows like kde environment. This is definitely a great OS for home computing or networking. With a variety of features like web browsing, development, word processing, or setting up a home network, and a ton of other great features in this distribution of SUSE, makes this OS a definite great choice for beginners and experts alike.
Some changes in the latest version:

  • Available for i386, x86_64 and PowerPC architectures

  • Linux kernel

  • 256MB RAM required for installation

  • AppArmor

  • Kexec

  • Xen

  • subfs has been dropped

  • glibc 2.4 (basic C library)

  • gcc 4.1 based (the compiler)

  • gdb 6.4

  • bison 2.1

  • fontconfig 2.3.94 (many performance enhancements)

  • rpm 4.4.2

  • new package management system based on Libzypp as merge of YaST and Red Carpet

  • integrated Beagle searching in the GTK+2 file dialog (KDE includes kio-beagle)

  • Kerry

  • NetworkManager is the new way of managing changing network interfaces (both GNOME and KDE applets provided)

  • previews of Xgl and Compiz for desktop effects are included but not supported/installed by default

  • only CD 1 needed for a minimal text installation (English)

  • only CDs 1-3 needed for a default KDE or GNOME desktop (English or German, only x86 and x86-64 tested)

  • YaST Online Update and SUSEwatcher have been replaced by the ZENworks updater.

  • The Atheros wireless networking drivers (madwifi) have been removed; Atheros-based wireless cards are not supported in SUSE 10.1 initially, but you can download a madwifi package after the installation is complete.

  • The proprietary Nvidia drivers are no longer included or available from YaST.

  • Various installation-related improvements.

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