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OpenMandriva Rome 23.03 GNOME DVD (x86_64)

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Catalog#: 53027Catalog#: U53027Catalog#: B53027Catalog#: K53027Catalog#: L53027
Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64
DVD's: 1Media: USB DriveMedia: USB Drive & DVDMedia: Kanguru USB DriveMedia: Kanguru USB Drive & DVD
Price: US $2.59 Price: US $14.99 Price: US $16.99 Price: US $29.99 Price: US $31.99
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OpenMandriva Lx is a unique and independent distribution, direct descendant of Mandriva Linux

A free Desktop Operating System which aims to stimulate and interest first time and advanced users alike. It has the breadth and depth of an advanced system but is designed to be simple and straightforward in use.

The OpenMandriva Association's goal is to develop a pragmatic distribution that provides the best user experience for everyone, from newbies to developers. We will achieve our objectives for the best balance between the most modern features and stability.

Our roots are in Mandrake and its traditions, we are a worldwide community of people who are passionate about free software working together and take our technical and strategic decisions in a collaborative manner. We do not just build a Linux distro, we exchange knowledge and make new friends.

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