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NetBSD 3.1 (i386)

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Catalog#: 52480
Platform: i386
CD's: 1
Price: US $3.49

NetBSD is a general-purpose Open Source operating system that provides interfaces for running a wide range of applications on a big number of different hardware platforms, all from one source tree. Applications can range from proprietary closed source applications to Open Source software, covering desktop environments, database servers, firewalls, routers, embedded appliances and many more, all made available easily through pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages Collection, which currently contains over 6.300 packages. Picking up its ancestry from the Berkeley Networking Release 2 (Net/2), 4.4BSD-lite and 4.4BSD-Lite2, the NetBSD project continues to provide its application platform on a wide range of hardware platforms - not only vintage hardware, but also modern desktop and server hardware with Intel and AMD Opteron CPUs as well as embedded systems with MIPS, PowerPC, Super-H, ARM and Xscale CPUs. More recently, NetBSD was also ported to "virtual" hardware provided by the Xen machine monitor. Today, NetBSD runs on 54 different system architectures featuring 17 machine architectures across 17 distinct CPU families, all from a single source tree. In addition, the system offers cross compiling for the kernel, userland and the X Window system.

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