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Gentoo 2006 (i686)

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Catalog#: 52090
Platform: i686
CD's: 1
Price: US $3.79

Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast, completely free Linux distribution geared towards developers and network professionals. Unlike other distros, Gentoo Linux has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file management, and more. Gentoo 2006 features:

  • Kernel 2.6.15
  • OpenOffice.org 2.0.1
  • Xorg 6.8.2, KDE 3.4.3, Gnome 2.12.2
  • Firefox 1.0.7, Mozilla 1.7.12
  • Evolution, Thunderbird 1.0.7
  • The GIMP 2.2.8, GNUCash 1.8.11
  • Samba 3.0.14a, Apache 2.0.55
  • MySQL 4.1.14, PostgreSQL 8.0.7
  • GCC 3.4.4, glibc 2.3.4, Perl 5.8.7, PHP 5.0.5


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