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Freespire 2.0 (i386)

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Catalog#: 52850
Platform: i386
CD's: 1
Price: US $1.49

Freespire is a community-driven, Linux-based operating system that combines the best that free, open source software has to offer (community driven, freely distributed, open source code, etc.), but also provides users the choice of including proprietary codecs, drivers and applications as they see fit. With Freespire, the choice is yours as to what software is installed on your computer, with no limitations or restrictions placed on that choice. How you choose to maximize the performance of your computer is entirely up to you.

Freespire 2.0 begins with Ubuntu (Version 7.04) as its baseline and then adds software from six broad categories, further expanding Freespire's capabilities:
CNR plugin provides free one-click access to thousands of open source applications, as well as options for legally licensed DVD playback software, Sun's StarOffice, Parallels Workstation, Win4Lin, CodeWeaver's Crossover Office, TransGaming's Cedega, commercial games, and many other commercial Linux products.
KDE is added for an easier-to-use and more comfortable interface, with a more familiar look and feel for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows users.
Enhanced applications and features are added for superior usability and ease of use, modifying software applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird, and along with the inclusion of Linspire-sponsored open source software like Nvu, Lsongs, and Lphoto.
Proprietary software is added when necessary, such as Java, Flash, and Adobe Acrobat, in order to provide overall increased interoperability.
Proprietary codecs are added to expand multimedia compatibility and provide a superior overall experience so users can listen to MP3 files, play Windows Media files, and much more.
Proprietary drivers are added to expand hardware compatibility and provide optimum 3D graphic card support, better WiFi support, and more.

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