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Edubuntu 6.10 (i386)

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Catalog#: 52460
Platform: i386
CD's: 1
Price: US $3.89

Edubuntu is the education-focused variant of Ubuntu, with a fast and easy install, regular releases, and a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default, including education and productivity applications.
Edubuntu includes the very recent versions of well known free educational software like:

  • The KDEedu suite in version 3.5.5
  • Gcompris 7.4
  • Schooltool 0.11
  • The tux4kids applications
  • and many many more.
This version introduces a host of new features, an improved interface and a wide variety of new applications and desktop tools making Edubuntu 6.10 flexible and user-friendly.

On the Server
The Edubuntu classroom server install builds on the functionality from the previous release simplifying common Linux classroom server deployment processes. It is the first distribution that ships with a deeply integrated out of the box working pre-release of the upcoming LTSP-5 (Linux Terminal Server Project). LTSP-5 offers clients a lower TCO (total cost of ownership), simpler installation and easier maintenance than typical IT deployments. With all data stored on the server, administrators have substantially eliminated the cost of updating individual workstations to ensure their security. Installing from the CD will provide you with an out of the box working thin client environment, including sound and thin client block device support.

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