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Debian USB Complete Collection-64 bit

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Catalog#: 51007
Platform: x86-64
Price: US $49.95

Debian is one of the most respected distributions because of their "Social Contract", its support of freedom, its quality, and its history. The debian distribution is the starting point for other distributions, including the popular Ubuntu and LinuxMint.

The AMD64 platform is the common 64-bit version for AMD and Intel processors (iCore, etc.).

Contains latest Debian release - currently 12.6.0

The USB Complete Collection is something we've been waiting on for many years. Now that the cost of USB media is cost competitive with optical media, we jumped in feet first and now have created the ultimate USB collection for Debian with the AMD 64-bit release of Buster (major release 10) and continue to use the latest release (now Bullseye 12). This is more than just ISO files on media, as we spent time creating the menu structure, configuring scripts, and optimizing the whole experience - this is the kind of USB you asked for, and we wanted it to meet our high standards.

It includes all 21 DVD ISOs of the full AMD64 install set as well as 8 DVD ISOs of the Live bootable release. There are 8 environments - Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, command line shell, and XFCE. With the custom boot menu, you can run the install direct from the USB to quickly install Debian on your hard drive, or boot any of the Live environments. You can quickly run all Live desktops to figure out which Desktop Environment is right for you. Also note that if you don't have internet (or don't want to allow system access to the internet), you can install Debian and then using the mountusb.sh script included and have access to all of Debian packages in the complete install set (i.e. the full 21 DVD set mounted and added to apt install sources.list).

This is a 256GB USB Drive with a boot partition, grub/iso partition, Install DVD partition, and a 4 GB user data partition.

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around what this is, in simple terms it is a USB that replaces 29 DVDs! As long as your system can boot from USB, this is a better, faster, cheaper, and more powerful way to experience Debian!!

The Debian USB Developer Collection also has all 20 Source DVD ISO files, so you have total access to ALL of the Debian Source files. Currently both 51007 and 51010 have all source ISO files. We anticipate future releases will need a larger drive for the additional source, so we are keeping 2 item numbers.

Here are 2 LinuxCollections.com Videos that show off this USB Collection:
Debian 10.0.0 Live Desktops (8 different ones) that covers a quick look at all 8 live environments to show you what this USB Collection looks like!
Debian 10.0.0 Installation this does an installation walk through and shows how to mount all 16 USB ISOs from the USB Collection

USB Boot Menu

Debian Install Screenshot

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