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AV Linux 2016.08.30 DVD (x86_64)

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Catalog#: 52902Catalog#: U52902Catalog#: B52902
Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64Platform: x86_64
DVD's: 1Media: USB DriveMedia: USB Drive & DVD
Price: US $3.79 Price: US $16.29 Price: US $18.29

AV Linux

AV Linux is a DVD which turns a computer into a full multimedia production studio

AV Linux is NOT a Linux Distribution in the ‘proper’ sense... It is a freely shared 32 and 64bit downloadable and installable ISO Image created from a carefully pre-configured snapshot of the Debian GNU/Linux “Testing” Distribution. This ISO image is provided to facilitate and initiate the use of Linux as an Audio/Video/Graphics content creation platform. AV Linux is essentially a collected showcase of the phenomenal work of Open-Source developers from all over the planet and celebrates and presents their work organized in an easy-to-use fashion. In addition to a hardware-friendly efficient XFCE4 Desktop a low-latency Audio environment is provided with a custom ‘RT’ kernel and JACK Audio Connection Kit. Are you a Linux developer? A full, robust development suite is included for software developers and the leading Audio/Video/Graphics applications are included or available for installation from the Debian or included KXStudio software repositories.

Newer versions:
64bit – Username: demo Password: demo Root Password: root

32bit – Username: demo Password: demo Root Password: root

Older versions:
64bit – Username: isotester Password: avl64 Root Password: avl64admin

32bit – Username: isotester Password: avl32 Root Password: avl32admin

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For the source go to:

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